Vocal Arts Programme

Welcome to the Rātā School of Music Vocal Arts Department. Vocal tutors Ruth Armishaw and Mark Bobb offer an exciting programme covering a wide range of genres, for the coming year alongside other top musicians and workshop leaders.

Programmes for Adults and teens [aged 16+]

The Vocal Arts Adult Programme has been developed to help singers of all genres to reach their potential. Alongside individual vocal tuition for adult singers of all levels, vocal workshops are being held on site for a wide range of singers from beginners to professional singers. The Vocal Arts Programme aims to help singers have the opportunities to develop their vocal technique, performance technique, languages and diction and musicianship. We also look forward to working with top New Zealand singers, musicians, directors and other experts sharing their knowledge.

Youth Vocal Arts [aged 15 and under]

This programme is specially designed for younger singers 15 and under, to complement having individual lessons either at Rātā School of Music or with private teachers. It is also ideal for new students as a primer for individual lessons. Classes will be in small groups focusing on song preparation, performance stage skills and singing technique.

Equipped with a full palette of colours and a wide range of brushes, a vocal artist can paint any picture they choose.

When young children sing, it is instinctive, expressive and fearless. At Rātā, we want to ensure every young singer continues to feel comfortable in their voice, so that they can bypass the stage of self-consciousness.

Ruth Armishaw has vast experience sharing these tools with children of all ages, in classes that encourage experimentation, physicality and fun. Her ability to demonstrate and explain concepts at just the right level gives every student access to her knowledge.

Term one begins the year with three group courses. (1hr per week)

Youth Vocal Arts:

  •  Kowhai  (6 – 8 year olds)
  •  Karaka  (9 – 13 year olds)

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