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Welcome to Rata Studios


Established in January 2013, Rata Studios prides itself on offering specialised professional courses to children and adults in focused areas of drama, music, visual art and creative technologies.

Taught by industry professionals, using state of the art equipment, in world class facilities, and with strong relationships with the industry, we provide inspiring opportunities for our people to access and make a life in the creative and performing arts.

Rata Studios operates out of the incredible Scots College Creative and Performing Arts Centre.



latest News

Rata Studios has designed this holiday course especially for those who are keen to learn about filmmaking and have the time in early Dec to do so.Explore the basics of filmmaking, green screen, animation and acting for t...20 November 2018

Explore the basics of filmmaking, animation, and green screen in this exciting new course for 9-12 year olds.Starts on Monday 15th Oct. Don’t miss out.Find out more here....09 October 2018

Learn how the technology behind your favourite computer games and animated movies works, and have the opportunity to build, decorate, and experience your own space in virtual reality (VR)  Rata Studios is proud to b...05 September 2018

Rata Studios drama classes are back in full swing. With over 200 acting students attending courses here each week, there is never a dull moment!This wonderful group of teens are such a joy to work with and make getting u...07 August 2018

Check out these Creative Technology courses for ages 8-12 years at Rata Studios in Term 3. Enrolments are still open!Clay AnimationExplore a wide variety of techniques and styles as you create your own clay animation.  ...25 July 2018

Making Miniatures in the July Holidays

Looking for big imaginations to create little worlds!

Do you love books or films like ‘Epic’ (2013), Studio Ghibli ‘s ‘Arrietty’ (2010), ‘Stuart Little’ (1999), ‘Arthur and the Invisibles’ (2006), Tinkerbelle, or the ‘The Borrowers?


WELLSO (Wellington Late Starters Orchestra)

Started learning an instrument later in life or just coming back and feel like you are starting again? Here is an amazing new opportunity for you to hone your skills alongside others in the same boat.

Designed to be a fun, enjoyable experience tailored as much as possible to your level this programme is perfect for all those late teens to adults (any age) wanting to get out of their rooms and play music with others.


Miranda Harcourt’s Professional Teen Acting

We are  thrilled at the success of the family of teen actors we have created over the short history of RATA Studios. We have had our students cast in TV shows, films, and on the professional stage. Find out how to get involved in this course which is seen as a kick start to many young actors careers.


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Rata Studios
Based at Scots College
1 Monorgan Road
Wellington 6022
Rata Studios
Based at Scots College
PO Box 15064
Wellington 6243