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Welcome to Rata Studios


Established in January 2013, Rata Studios prides itself on offering specialised professional courses to children and adults in focused areas of drama, music, visual art and creative technologies.

Taught by industry professionals, using state of the art equipment, in world class facilities, and with strong relationships with the industry, we provide inspiring opportunities for our people to access and make a life in the creative and performing arts.

Rata Studios operates out of the incredible Scots College Creative and Performing Arts Centre.



latest News

Who doesn’t know the iconic dance hit from the 90’s  THE RHYTHM OF THE NIGHT, by Corona!JENNY B is the voice of Corona and she teaches Stage Presence here at Rata Studios.Now you can hear her live at this awesom...20 August 2019

Heaps of Rata actors get cast in some pretty cool projects. This is one was particularly special.Thanks to the awesome creatives at WRESTLER some of our younger students got to be in the Department of Conservation’s be...06 August 2019

Rata Studios has already started for Term 3 but it's not too late if you haven't quite got around to enrolling yet. Term 3 Drama courses started on Tuesday 23rd July and Music courses from Saturday 27th July.Check w...16 July 2019

Rata StudiosGirls and Boys aged 9-13 (in Years 5-8 at school) School Holiday Drama course.Through Different Lenses we will explore Improvisation, Theatre, Film, Puppetry, Stage Combat and Radio!Join us for an action pack...17 June 2019

Rata Studios School of Music has some of the best musicians in Wellington, teaching here. If you’ve always wanted to learn a musical instrument, it’s never too late to start!Get in touch and see what’s available.Fo...07 May 2019

Stage presence workshops with Jenny B

Are you someone who performs on stage in any of these situations?

Lead singer or instrumentalist in a band - Solo musician - Stage actor -  School or sports leader who delivers speeches – business person who is required to address audiences – stand-up comedians?

If you ever fear failure, or lack in self-confidence, and/or get nervous about performing in front of people, then this course will help you work through those issues making you a better performer all round.


WELLSO (Wellington Late Starters Orchestra)

Started learning an instrument later in life or just coming back and feel like you are starting again? Here is an amazing new opportunity for you to hone your skills alongside others in the same boat.

Designed to be a fun, enjoyable experience tailored as much as possible to your level this programme is perfect for all those late teens to adults (any age) wanting to get out of their rooms and play music with others.


Miranda Harcourt’s Professional Teen Acting

We are  thrilled at the success of the family of teen actors we have created over the short history of RATA Studios. We have had our students cast in TV shows, films, and on the professional stage. Find out how to get involved in this course which is seen as a kick start to many young actors careers.


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Rata Studios
Based at Scots College
1 Monorgan Road
Wellington 6022
Rata Studios
Based at Scots College
PO Box 15064
Wellington 6243