We aren’t currently running specific improvisation or theatre sports classes but these skills are embedded in our other acting classes.


Theatresports and Improvisation at Rata Studios Wellington

About the course

Improvisation skills are vital if you want to be a successful actor on screen or stage. As a foundational building block of storytelling, improvisation allows actors to build trust between people, develop imagination, allow for creativity and spontaneity, flesh our characters so they’re more than just words on a page, and is responsible for some of the most iconic lines in cinema history, “you lookin’ at me?” from Taxi Driver or “we’re gonna need a bigger boat!” from Jaws.

Improvisation is an integral part of the creation process, keeping things fresh and an energy between the actors as they work together. 

Long format improvisation challenges actors to work hard to create a cohesive story that isn’t about the quick-fire laughs of Theatresports, but creates a deeper understanding of story telling and respect of your fellow performers. Theatresports and Improvisation at Rata Studios WellingtonHowever, improvisation is also a skill that needs to be learned, it involves being a generous actor, being able to listen and know when to enter a scene, when to talk and when to listen. 

With only three fundamental rules, improvisation might not be rocket science, but it is a science.

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