Rhythm Workshops

Heading our rhythm workshop class is NZ drummer, percussionist and composer Reuben Bradley. Born in Wellington, Reuben Bradley has travelled the world extensively. Drumming with international jazz performers has developed his creativity and passion for new music.  He is also a prolific composer and has released two new albums in the last 3 years, including Mantis with the New Zealand String Quartet and Resonator which won the Vodafone Music Award ‘Best NZ Jazz Album 2011’

As well as running our rhythm workshops, Reuben will be

  • Coaching bands
  • Running courses on how to organise your band to get gigs and get your profile out there, understanding tax, insurance and all the issues that you forget about…..

Rata Studios Rhythm Workshops

The aim of this course is to learn about the importance of being rhythmically aware, both in listening to music and in performance.

Group classes will focus on recognizing rhythmic notation, clapping, singing and playing in time with a metronome, listening to and analysing rhythms, discussing interpretation of time and feel and will use an extremely wide range of music to draw examples from.

This class is suitable for any musician or singer who is already performing in ensembles or who wants to do so in the near future. How to hear, understand and play rhythms confidently is an essential skill that is often overlooked by many beginner or intermediate musicians – this course aims to provide that fundamental basis. Learn skills that will keep you and your music grounded and groovy for a lifetime.

On application students should list what music experience they have, including playing in groups and music exams/grades if any.


Start: tbc
Finish: tbc
Saturday early afternoons (actual times tbc)
Scots College Creative and Performing Arts Centre Music Rooms
Reuben Bradley
Target Market
Mid-teens – adult
(incl GST)
$250 for a 10 week Term
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About Reuben Bradley

Reuben Bradley

Reuben Bradley

Born in Wellington, Reuben Bradley has travelled the world extensively. Drumming with international jazz performers has developed his creativity and passion for new music.

Reuben has performed with artists such as: Mike Nock (Aus), Bernie McGann (Aus), James Muller (Aus), Matt Penman (US), Kristin Berardi (Aus), Brenda Earle (Canada), James Morrison (Aus), Roger Manins, Steve Barry, Charmaine Ford, Jonathan Crayford and Dixon Nacey. His session work have in turn led to work with: Julia Deans, Don McGlashan, Mickey Dolenz (the Monkees) The Coasters, The Drifters, NZSO, CSO & Wellington Vector Orchestra.


  • Reuben Bradley: Mantis: The music of Drew Menzies 2012 (Rattle Records NZ) (runner up Jazz Album of the Year 2014)
  • Reuben Bradley: Resonator 2010 (Rattle Records NZ) TUI AWARD BEST JAZZ NZ JAZZ ALBUM 2010/2011
  • Roger Manins: Trio 2010 (Rattle Records NZ)
  • It’s a Wrap 2: OTIS (Salvation Army NZ)
  • Tessa Quayle: Whisper Not 2010 (runner up Jazz Album of the Year 2010)
  • The Velox Brothers: The Dogsville Swing Sessions 2008 (Moo Music)
  • Charmaine Ford: Busy Silence 2007 (Ford Motion Records NZ) TUI AWARD JAZZ ALBUM OF THE YEAR 2007
  • Vibrant Tongues: The Shadow Out of Time 2007 (ODE NZ)
  • Kevin Clark: Zahara (KCM) 2007 (Runner up Jazz Album of the Year 2007)
  • Unforgettable: A Tribute to Nat King Cole 2008
  • Norman Meehan: Modigliani 2007 (ODE NZ)
  • Johnny Lippiett (UK): Live at the Lido 2002
  • Vaughn Roberts Big Band: Live at the Jazz Club 2004
  • David Paquette/Wil Sargisson: The Waiheke Sessions 2001 (Finger Breaker Music)


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