Keyboard Lessons – Pieter Bos

Whether you’re looking to learn the basics, refresh skills from younger years or advance a little further – register now for Rata’s new 1 hour beginners group keyboard courses!.   Suitable for ages 10 and up.! 

Suitable for those with no or very little experience in keyboard/piano, every effort is made to group similar ages / abilities together. While recommended to have your own keyboard (or piano) – this is certainly not a requirement! 

Follow up ‘advanced’ group courses will also be offered dependent upon demand.

Experienced music educator Pieter Bos offers a unique fun approach to learning musical skills in a group keyboard setting. Classes include individual time, and group activities – so to learn beginner music / keyboard skills and repertoire and gain some basic understanding of theory & chords.

About Pieter Bos

Pieter returned to Wellington in late 2015 after performing internationally for 14 years. As well as being involved in the Wellington scene as a performer, Pieter currently teaches piano at St Patricks College, Silverstream and has his own busy private after-school teaching academy.

Pieter has led jazz trios, worked in big bands & ensembles of all types of genres, & performed as a solo piano & vocal entertainer including residencies in Hyatt hotels & cruise ship contracts.

He holds a Bachelor of Music in performance Jazz Piano & then attained a Dip. Secondary Teaching (2000).  In July 2000 he was awarded a scholarship to study Jazz teaching & performance in London, with the Associated Board Royal Schools & attained the ABRSM Dip Jazz Teaching. Pieter is a member of the NZ Institute of Registered Music & registered member with the NZ Teachers council.

His 14 years international performance experience and over 11 years teaching experience has given him in-depth insight into playing music, music education and the student-teacher relationship. 

His goal is to foster a life-long love for music for students of any age to enjoy! He endeavors to get the best from my students – whilst always keeping it FUN!  

His greatest satisfaction comes from seeing his students develop their love for music and he aims to foster a passion for music and skills that will encourage students to direct their own music learning through creative enquiry.

Course Information

Each student will be guided at a pace appropriate to their ability, with one-on-one time with the teacher – to focus on songs/repertoire appropriate to their specific level. A diverse workbook is provided to work at your own pace, guided by Pieter who aims to provide his students with the tools to ultimately direct their own learning of chosen songs!

Group activities include some group teaching of songs, as well as basic theory concepts: keyboard layout, major scale, intervals, understanding of chords and their general uses.

By the end of the course all students will be able to “read” simple right & left hand melodies & understand basic rhythms.

In addition, you will be able to interpret & accompany right-hand melodies/songs learnt, with left hand chord symbols gaining an understanding into harmony and chords.

More advanced students, (and of course follow-up group keyboard Rata courses!) – will be ‘extended’ to gain further understanding into chord-scale relationships & some simple chord progressions – to start their journey on the improvisation & the creative process!

If you are a beginner, by the end of the course, you’ll be able to: 

  • Read simple single note melodies in both hands & learn some chords.
  • Understand the piano/keyboard layout, note names and interpret simple 3 note chords & chord symbols.
  • Accompany a few right-hand melodies with 3-note left hand chords.
  • Be able to read & clap some common rhythms accurately.
  • Play a few simple hands-together pieces, working towards a performance.

If you already know some ‘basics’, you will certainly be extended within the group further to include: (NB This can be covered in follow-up group keyboard courses)     

  • Sight-reading beginner to intermediate notated music and perform a written piece to the group with confidence.
  • Develop further hand coordination and dependency.
  • Identify a variety of written dynamics, articulations and signs.
  • Understand and identify how key signatures and scales are constructed.
  • Further insight into interpreting chord symbols and using 4 note chords.
  • Gain some basic knowledge on chord-scale relationships to start simple improvisations.

Timetable and Enrolment

Start: 2nd Feb 2019
Finish: 6th April 2019  NO Rata on 23rd Feb
Saturdays (actual times tbc) (9 weeks)
Scots College Creative and Performing Arts Centre Music Rooms
Pieter Bos
Target Market
all ages from 5 years
(incl GST)
$230 per term


Our Location

Rata Studios
Based at Scots College
1 Monorgan Road
Wellington 6022
Rata Studios
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