Josh Simon

Josh Simon is a Saxophonist and band leader based in Wellington.

He started playing Saxophone when he was 12, and fell in love with Jazz after listening to Sonny Rollin’s album ‘Saxophone Colossus’. He practiced all throughout high school and University (in old bomb shelters, closets, you name it!), and eventually moved to Wellington to study Jazz Performance at the New Zealand School of Music.

As well as Jazz, he has a keen interest in Afro-Cuban and Balkan music and has played with a number of ensembles, including The Neo Hot Jive Orchestra, Garage Latino, Bazurka as well as in his own projects (Oy Azoy, Los Barrettos).

He believes in a fun, relaxed approach to teaching, and is happy to take on students of any age or ability. As well as Jazz, he teaches in a wide variety of musical styles that are available to Saxophonists.

With new students, he takes a diagnostic approach to find out what their strengths are, and what areas need to be developed, so he can make a tailored practice routine to suit the student’s needs and ambitions.

After years of trial and error, and many lessons with world-class players he has developed a practice routine that addresses the difficulties of learning Saxophone, and he looks forward to passing on what he’s learnt.

Josh also plays the clarinet and will be teaching both Clarinet as well as Saxophone.

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