Voice Lessons with Rosel Labone

I believe everyone and anyone can sing. And if you think you can’t, you definitely can!

Rosel is a professional singer and teacher with pop, rock, classical, and music theatre training (Bachelor of Music, Hons First Class, and Bachelor of Arts) who has a real rapport and proven results working with children, teenagers, and adults. When it comes to teaching a range of ages, styles, and personalities, she’s eminently qualified, and ready for anything.

She approaches each student differently based on their individual needs and unique talents. In addition, she have taught gifted and neurologically diverse children across New York and in London, Australia, and New Zealand.

She works with everyone from beginners to seasoned pros (she has even helped those who swore they were tone-deaf to find their voice). If you’re looking for more than just a vocal teacher, you will gain lasting confidence in your abilities and in yourself as a performer.

  • 15 years’ experience as an international professional singer
  • Trained in New York, Australia, and New Zealand, holds a Bachelor of Music (Honours, First Class) from the New Zealand School of Music
  • Specialises in healthy belting technique
  • Fully DBS certified and enjoys working with all ages, from children to adults
  • Sung lead roles in New York, London, and the stages of the world, online and offline

“Rosel was so enthusiastic and encouraging and was genuinely excited with every development. That first lesson when I used my vocal cords to change pitch was like a blind person must feel seeing for the first time… she is a miracle worker.”
– Steve, current London based student.

Timetable and Enrolment


Term 3 2024     

MONDAYS with Rosel Labone
Start: 22nd July 
Finish: 23rd September

THURSDAYS with Rosel Labone
Start: 25th July 
Finish: 26th September

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Scots College Creative and Performing Arts Centre Music Rooms


Rosel Labone

Target Market

Children, Teens, and Adults

(incl GST)

$460 for half hour lessons for 10 weeks on Mondays or Thursdays  (or pro-rata if term started already)
(longer lessons will be charged accordingly)


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Child/Teen (7-18 years)

Adult (over 18)



Child/ Teen (7-18 years) 

Adult (over 18)

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