Exploring the LABYRINTH with Jo Rogers

Developing Acting Skills for Stage, Screen and Radio

The Actors and Storytellers of the Labyrinth

There are terrors in the labyrinth but there is also adventure, fun and love. Watch a film, read a book and you can disappear into a world, its cities, and its landscapes.

This September, we bring you a jam-packed acting programme that will challenge your skills, deepen your understanding of acting and storytelling by exploring adapted short scripts, voice, improvisation and movement, alongside practical techniques for working on Film, TV, Radio and Stage.

Work with stories we already know, work with scripts that we can adapt to develop original pieces of theatre that draw upon your ideas around The Labyrinth theme to perform in front of a live audience. This will demand your creative energy. Stories have this comfort to them: they have a beginning and an end. Will our characters, (you as an actor), in the scripts we create, find a way out of the labyrinth?

An actor must understand their character, know how their personality, physicality and how backstory play into their performance. Know how their character relates to others. Research who their character is to create a more authentic performance and a greater connection to the role itself.


Timetable and Enrolment



Week 2 of Sept/Oct holidays 
2nd -6th Oct 2023

9am to 3pm each day


Scots College Drama Rooms


Jo Rogers

Target Market

Students in Years 7 to 13 at school (age 11-18)


Cost per student for the week
$480.00 inc GST


About Jo Rogers

Working with students in screen acting, scriptwriting, filming, editing and making short films, she has been involved within local television and large musical productions, bringing a wealth of knowledge and work experience to her classes.

As lead Project Director and Artistic Manager on various events as well as tutoring and lecturing in Tertiary Education, Jo is able to think logistically and understand the programming and management needed in the success of large scale productions.  This last year Jo has worked writing and producing her first novel and feature film script.

Her philosophy is, whether you want to be a movie star, change the world, develop confidence or just have fun, the opportunity to be involved in challenging theatre and screen workshops will give any student the foundation to succeed. Seeing many of her students score roles in local and international films she’s worked to open new pathways and help shape the future of the industry.

Our Location

Rātā Studios
Based at Scots College
1 Monorgan Road
Wellington 6022
Rātā Studios
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