Introduction to Game Design Adventures

Immerse yourself in the creative world of video game programming and design with Scratch! 

In this introductory course students will explore coding basics through hands-on activities with Scratch, a visual programming language.

Students will explore game mechanics, design elements, and the importance of Open Source game development, all while coding their very own mini-games.

Regular attendance is necessary as skills build over each session.

Course Outline:

Session 1: Introduction to Coding with Scratch

• Discover how to be a good digital citizen

• Scratch interface and use of code blocks

• Code a playable character to move in response to user input

• Place objects on a 2D grid using X&Y coordinates

Session 2: Pick Up

• Code a playable character to pick up loot

• Develop game objective

• Collision detection

• Loops (forever)

• Conditional statements (if, then)

Session 3: Variables

• Create a scoring system using variables

• Develop a clear way to end game playable

• Operators (< , >)

• Backdrop switch (win/lose)

• 5 minute play test & constructive feedback session

Session 4: Adventure Game

How can we expand our games?

• Obstacles

• Conditional statements (wait until)

• Throwing mechanics

• 5 minute play test & constructive feedback session

Session 5: Game Design

Using skills previously learnt design an original mini-game with a clear objective

• Plan out mini-games

• Create original characters and backgrounds in Scratch

• 5 minute constructive feedback session

Session 6: Game Development

• Code mini-games

• Use kanban to set and track tasks

Session 7: Beta Test

• Review session tasks

• Code mini-game

• 5 minute play test & constructive feedback session

• Revise mini-game according to peer feedback

Session 8: Open Source

• Finish polishing mini-games

• Discuss importance of Open Source game development

• Share games to Scratch

• Parents are invited to join us at 5:20 for our Scratch Show

Timetable and Enrolment:

  • Start: Tuesday 13 February 2018
    Finish: Tuesday 3 April 2018
    13 February- 3rd April for 8 Tuesdays, 4.00pm-5.30pm
  • Creative and Performing Arts Centre (CPAC), Graphics roomsLocation
  • Jess WeichlerTeacher
  • Girls and boys aged 8-12 yearsTarget Market
  • $170 for Term 1 (8 weeks)Price/Student (incl GST)
  • New EnrolmentEnrolment

About Jess Weichler

Jess Weichler

Jess Weichler

Jess Weichler is a media arts educator at the MakerBox.

Ever since childhood she has been creating digital worlds through game design. Aside from a few lessons learnt from her 8-year old students, she is self-taught in the Scratch programming language, the Processing java subset, and a robotic Hummingbird micro-controller. She has taught these skills since 2012, and her courses are still in use both locally and abroad in the United States.

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