Luther Hunt

About Luther Hunt

Luther Hunt

Luther is a Wellington based professional musician. He has been playing the drums for 11 years now and has been influenced by a multitude of different styles and genres over the years. For the last 5 years he has been studying jazz performance at the New Zealand School of Music, Victoria University.

Luther has recorded 4 albums, soon to be 5. He has played on live radio, live television and recorded for television commercials. He  perform in numerous venues round the country and is currently part of the thriving music scene in Wellington as well as multiple festivals around NZ. These performances have involved groups ranging in styles including Tunes of I, Sky Canvas, The Roger Fox NZSM Big band, Orpheus Choir, Down To Funk and West Coast All Stars. As a result Luther has developed the skills necessary to adapt to any musical style and to be able to play with people with differing approaches, backgrounds and cultures.

Luther’s Teaching

Luther will teach anyone who is willing to listen, learn and dedicate practice time to their instrument. His students  have a huge say in what they learn and he constructs lessons around their own interests and requirements.

He believes it is extremely important that the students are able to find their own musical voice in a interactive, safe and supportive environment. No matter what style of music students enjoy playing or listening to, we will draw inspiration from wherever and use it to help shape you as a musician.

Timetable and Enrolment

Term 4
Start: 17th Oct
Finish: 12th Dec
Thursdays (actual times tbc. From 3.30pm)
Scots College Creative and Performing Arts Centre Music Rooms
Luther Hunt
Target Market
all ages from 5 years
(incl GST)
$380 for half hour lessons for 9 weeks
(or pro-rata if term started already)
(longer lessons will be charged accordingly)

Adults (over 18)

Our Location

Rata Studios
Based at Scots College
1 Monorgan Road
Wellington 6022
Rata Studios
Based at Scots College
PO Box 15064
Wellington 6243