Fun with Filmmaking | ages 9-12

Explore the basics of filmmaking, animation, and green screen in this exciting new course.

Course Outline

Explore the basics of filmmaking, animation, and green screen in this exciting new course.

Students will work together to create multiple short films that will help them express themselves through this fascinating medium. For their final project students will combine stop-motion animation with live action through the power of green screen.


Session 1: Shot Scavenger Hunt

  • Discover how to use shot sizes and angles to influence your audience’s emotions.

Session 2: Haiku

  • Use a haiku to tell a short, 3 shot story.

Session 3: Editing

  • Discover how to add titles to your films and make simple video edits using DaVinci Resolve.

Session 4: Planning

  • Develop a character and plan out what you will do in front of the green screen
  • Create a clay figure and background for animating

Session 5 & 6 : Green Screen & Stop Motion Animation

  • Create a short stop-motion animation to combine with live-action green screen footage.
  • Film in front of the green screen.

Session 7: Chroma Key Green Screen

  • Merge live action and animation footage together.

Session 8 : Foley & Student Show

  • Create and record sound effects to make your film world more realistic.
  • Parents are invited to join us for a show in the last 15 minutes of class.

 Timetable and Enrolment

Start: 18 Feb 2019
Finish: 9 April 2019 
Scots College Creative and Performing Arts Centre (CPAC)
Jess Weichler and Jo Rogers
Target Market
Girls and boys aged 9 -12 years
(incl GST)
$260 for Term 1 2019
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About Jess Weichler

Jess Weichler

Jess Weichler is a media arts educator at the MakerBox.

Ever since childhood she has been creating digital worlds through game design. Aside from a few lessons learnt from her 8-year old students, she is self-taught in the Scratch programming language, the Processing java subset, and a robotic Hummingbird micro-controller. She has taught these skills since 2012, and her courses are still in use both locally and abroad in the United States.

Jo Rogers

Jo Rogers

Jo Rogers

Jo Rogers has vast experience in using various mediums such as screen and theatre to encourage and develop an understanding of real world issues.

Jo has worked as a project director and artistic manager on various events as well as tutoring and lecturing in Tertiary Education.

She has been involved in short films, television, theatre and musical productions bringing a wealth of knowledge and experience to her classes. Recently her work has included directing the stage show of Disney’s The Lion King involving 420 primary and intermediate school students. Prior to that she directed Disney’s Jungle Book in which both were very successful. Jo Rogers is a trained teacher and has studied environmental and human science at university; she attended the Performing Arts School in Auckland in the early 90s.

Whether you want to be a movie star, change the world, develop confidence or just have fun, the opportunity of being involved in challenging theatre and screen workshops, exploring various acting techniques, performance skills and improvisation, will encourage and stimulate your intellect and creativity.

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Rata Studios
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Rata Studios
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