Maker’s Holiday

Why buy from the store when you can make the holidays yourself?

In this fun three day course we will explore a wide variety of techniques to create lasting keepsakes. From paper mache, to laser cutting, and electrical circuits, students will design and build their own holiday decorations and gifts as they think outside the box to make ordinary objects extraordinary.

About Jess Weichler

Jess Weichler

Jess Weichler

Jess Weichler is a media arts educator at the MakerBox.

Ever since childhood she has been creating digital worlds through game design. Aside from a few lessons learnt from her 8-year old students, she is self-taught in the Scratch programming language, the Processing java subset, and a robotic Hummingbird micro-controller. She has taught these skills since 2012, and her courses are still in use both locally and abroad in the United States.


Therese Eberhard

Therese Eberhard

About Therese Eberhard

Scenic/Props painter finisher.

I was born in Palo Alto, California in 1965. I grew up on the West coast of the U.S.A. Spending time in Denver Co, Oregon, and various parts of California. I always had an desire to paint and draw. My High School art teacher further fuelled this desire by entering my work in local art shows. I moved to Laguna Beach California after graduating. That was where I would start my journey as a Scenic Artist. With determination I knocked on doors and apprenticed where I could. I started with fine art, interiors, and hand painted textiles. Through the years I would continue to knock on doors and travel (my desire to learn and create never dying), that eventually lead me to Theatre and Film. It is Film (King Kong) that brought me to Wellington, New Zealand. I have continued to work in NZ and currently reside in Strathmore Park with my daughter.

I now have 25+ years’ experience painting finishes for commercial and private interiors, Film (props and sets), Theatre, Casinos, themed environments, and Museums. I love sharing my passion and talent with young people who are keen to learn and create.

Therese has an impressive list of film credits to her name. Here is her IMDB page

Therese Eberhard – Professional Profile website

Course Outline:

Each student will leave the course with their own bespoke light up tree-topper, greeting card, and laser cut ornament.

Students will learn the art of time management and creative planning as well as basic painting techniques to make their creations look more realistic.


Students will be primarily working with paper mache and water-based paints and glues.

There is the option to use metallic powders in water-based polyurethanes, students with sensitive skin may need to wear gloves.

Students will also learn how to use a soldering iron and laser cutter under instructor supervision. Appropriate eye-protection will be worn during both these activities and students will be walked through safety protocols for using these tools. The soldering iron will only be used by one child at a time.

Other available materials include foils, beads, wire, wood, and other decorative materials.

Students should wear clothes that can get paint on or bring an apron.

Timetable and Enrolment

  • Start: Monday 18 December 2017
    Finish: Wednesday 20 December 2017
    3 days Monday-Wednesday 9am-3pm each day.
  • Scots College Creative and Performing Arts Centre, Art and Graphics roomsLocation
  • Girls and Boys aged 10-13 yearsTarget Market
  • Come prepared to get messy and please bring an apron or old TshirtRequirements
  • $260 (incl GST) included all course materials.Price/Student (incl GST)
  • New EnrolmentEnrolment

Our Location

Rata Studios
Based at Scots College
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Wellington 6022
Rata Studios
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