Build your own Virtual-Reality Space

Course Outline:


The Ultimate Tree-House

In this three hour interactive workshop you’ll learn how to create digital textures, objects, and the ultimate digital tree-house space! Learn how the technology behind your favourite computer games and animated movies works, and have the opportunity to build, decorate, and experience your own space in virtual reality. This workshop is an awesome opportunity to explore the potential of your imagination at Victoria University of Wellington's Miramar Creative Centre.

You will be taught by three of Victoria University of Wellington's lecturers, who are looking forward to seeing what you create.

The three hour workshop sessions will cover:

Creating digital textures
Building a VR tree house
The VR experience

The Ultimate Tree-house Workshop is proudly supported by Rata Studios. The workshop is part of Creative Futures 2018, a joint event hosted by Victoria University of Wellington and Miramar Creative Ltd. This two day event is hosted in Miramar at the Miramar Creative Centre, The Roxy Cinema, Weta Workshop Experience and Park Road Post Production, and will offer insights into new technologies and demonstrate their application to creativity, business and our future daily lives.

About Ben Jack | Byron Mallett | Tuakana Metuarau

Ben Jack

Ben Jack is a lecturer in media design at Victoria University of Wellington’s School of Design.

Ben’s research is focussed on how advances in computational creativity and AI will disrupt art and design. He explores how human input can still have value and meaning in an AI driven creative industry.

He considers questions such as:

  • If we do manage to create independently creative AI, how might humans create and maintain meaningful collaborations with such systems?
  • What creative tasks will humans always do better than computers?
  • What is the value of human endeavour in the design and production of artefacts, and how can Humans act as mediator and translator of AI generated design outputs when machine feelings and culture (if ever developed) will be vastly different to our own?

He explores these topics through a creative practise that includes creative coding, generative design, and creative electronics. This manifests as a wide variety of outputs from interactive media installations and electronic sculptures, to creative software development for the arts and industrial design.

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Byron Mallett

Byron Mallett is a lecturer in media design at Victoria University of Wellington’s School of Design.

Byron is a creative coder and designer who combines interaction design with animation, VR and audio/visual elements. He graduated from Victoria University in 2011 with a degree in Design specializing in Digital Media, and completed his Masters of Design Innovation in 2015 focusing on Virtual Reality and musical interfaces.  Byron’s main interests revolve around the construction of tools that use Virtual Reality to help build media experiences.

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Tuakana Metuarau

Tuakana Metuarau is a lecturer in media design at Victoria University of Wellington’s School of Design.

Tuakana is a filmmaker, animator and game developer. He graduated from the School of Design in 2015 with a BDI specializing in Media Design before completing his Masters of Design Innovation in 2017, focusing on the history of video game home consoles and how that data could be stored and catalogued through the video game medium itself.

Tuakana’s main research interests are film, animation and retro video games and how the use of modern tools, both software and hardware, can be used to recreate the various qualities of these mediums, whether narrative, aesthetic or mechanics, while also expressing new ideas and creating new experiences within the established structures of said mediums.

  • Start: Friday 5 October 2018
    Finish: Friday 5 October 2018
    9.00am-12.00pm for students in Years 7 and 8 (Intermediate School), 12.30pm-3.30pm for students in Years 9-13 (High School)
  • Miramar Creative Centre; 133 Park Road MiramarLocation
  • Students in school Years 7-13Target Market
  • Taught by Victoria University of Wellington lecturers: Ben Jack | Byron Mallett | Tuakana MetuarauRequirements
  • Both sessions are FULL. No more enrolments taken.Price/Student (incl GST)

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