American Accent for Acting

If interested in working with Jade Valour on American accent training please express interest here. A soon as there is enough interest we will book a date

Attention all actors young and older. Here is a great opportunity to learn the tricks to a basic “generic” American accent.  This skill could be the difference between you being cast in a role requiring an American accent, or not!

This is an intensive course for actor with some experience in this area.

Course Outline:

Accents are essentially about listening and being able to imitate:  Listening to someone else and being able to reproduce what you hear.  This course will provide participants with an effective method of improving a ‘generic’ American accent that will also be of help in developing the ability to work on any accent.

This is an advanced course for actors who have participated in Jade's workshops and wish to hone their skills for auditions.  The workshop will consist of intensive individual work on American film texts (dialogue & monologue) and practice in cold reading scripts.

  • Creative and Performing Arts Centre (CPAC), DR1/2Location
  • Jade ValourTeacher
  • Actors from 14 years - adultsTarget Market

About Jade Valour

Jade Valour

Jade Valour

Jade Valour is a native New Yorker, a trained professional actor/singer with degrees in music and directing.

She has performed and worked as a vocal tutor/coach for the past 22 years in accredited performing arts and speech therapist institutions in Germany and New Zealand, and has extensive experience coaching American English with professionals and amateurs of many nationalities (German, Japanese, Turkish, etc.).  She has taught at both the Wellington Performing Arts Centre and the Whitireia’s NZ College of Performing Arts. 

Jade teaches American accent privately, has given courses with Actor’s Equity and Miranda Harcourt’s screen-acting workshops and, most recently, has coached for Ross Jolly’s production of “Other Desert Cities” at Circa Theatre.

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